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Blessings of Such Beauty

Posted by on Feb 28, 2017 in Garden Thoughts | 3 comments

Is it spring or winter? As I mentioned in my last post, my garden was responding to the unseasonably warm temperatures. The daffodils were rising ever higher toward the sky, clover was sprouting all throughout, irises were poking through, more violas were springing up in containers and all throughout the garden, chives and garlic onions were poking through the earth and if I am not mistaken, there was a mass of Flander’s poppy seedlings emerging. I say all these things in the past tense because the garden was quite rightly responding to what they perhaps considered an early spring. Then, in...

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My Winter Garden

Posted by on Feb 5, 2017 in Garden Thoughts | 4 comments

Sitting Outside on a Sunny, Mild Day The wind blows gently but steadily throughout my winter garden. The chimes provide the melody while the swaying dried grasses create the chorus. There are still leaves blowing about the lawn and the patio seeking a home for the remainder of the winter. I leave them wherever they end up. They will hopefully find some place nice to settle in, sleep and transform. As they decay, they will provide much needed nutrients for the worms within the earth allowing for the cycle of life to complete. All summer they cleaned the air I breathe. Bits of flowing green...

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Hail Stone Meditations Part II

Posted by on Jul 1, 2016 in Garden Thoughts | 2 comments

Well, this is NOT the Bellis Perennis article I have spoke so much about. 🙂 I sit here now, dejected, demoralized and on the verge of tears. No sooner was I wrapping up the previous post, preparing photos, etc. did a huge storm role in. Sitting having my lunch and watching a bit of Little House thinking I would head outside to take more photos but use the monopod, the entire room went dark. A storm was closing in and fast. The rain started lightly, then as the winds kicked up, sheets of moisture fell and then crash, crash, bang, crack. My garden was once again under assault. Let me say this,...

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Hail Stone Meditations Part I

Posted by on Jul 1, 2016 in Garden Thoughts | 0 comments

Hello friends, I realize in my last entry I promised a feature on my Bellis Perennis and that is most definitely forthcoming. I promise. In fact, it is very nearly complete. Right now, I have this story that is begging to be written. (Started writing this 14 June) According to the forecasts, yesterday was going to be a cool day by all accounts with showers appearing off and on. The prognostications proved valid. The blessing of rain did fall heavily at times as clouds rolled in and then fluttered off nearly as quickly. And then . . . Like any self respecting monsoonal type moisture, the...

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Funny Little White Flowers

Posted by on May 19, 2016 in Garden Thoughts | 4 comments

Today is the 5th of May. Yesterday was Star Wars day and Sunday shall be Mother’s Day. We are now nearly two months into spring and today, for the first time since March 21st, I feel as if I can completely relax and stop worrying about unexpected cold and snow. Just a week ago, we had another storm that left its mark on all the emerging growth. The tulips were once again flattened as were the alliums but worse yet the fritillarias. I would love one season where these bulbs of the lily family were left unaffected. So it brings me to the inspiration behind the title of this post. Three weeks...

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Can you feel it?

Posted by on Mar 16, 2016 in Garden Thoughts | 4 comments

Sensations Phacelia tanacetifolia lacy rosettes Day lily shoots poking through in the whiskey barrels Daffodil shoots Strawberry leaves Hollyhock leaves Viola flowers A sun rising earlier and setting later each day A brightness foretelling glorious warm days to come Sweet, embracing, comforting warm air Energy flowing through the ground Dried flower heads crackling between the fingers to release its seeds Soft viola leaves The warming earth Stereophonic bird song Dried grasses dancing in the wind Seed heads rubbing against the rocks The wet earthly aroma of the ground heaving off its winter...

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